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OpenGeocode - Free Public Domain Geolocation Databases

OpenGeoCode(.Org) is an open-data project providing datasets free-of-charge to the developer community. Our datasets are compiled and aggregated from public domain sources. No attribution is required for the use or dissemination of our datasets.

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See how our open source / open data projects can give you unprecedented access to geospatial data from international and national databases around the globe. We've developed a database CSV data flattening technique for universal access and importation of geospatial data. You now have universal access to import for your applications from national databases: US Census Buruea, US NGA Geonet Server, CIA World Factbook, from international databases: ISO 3166 and ISO 639, UNGEGN, FAO, and foreign national databases: UK PCGN, Canada SGC, and Estonia EKI.

Datasets and Standards

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Jan. 2, 2014 - We have unveiling our latest update to our standard CSV Universal Data Exchange (CUDE) for flattening national and international governmental and standards organization's geospatial database. This standard, and tools we've developed, give developers the most unprecedented and easy access for extracting, exchanging and importing data reliably and accurately from national and international geospatial databases worldwide.

Historically, US and other Western governments have mandated to make data collected and compiled by tax dollars be accessible to the public. In 2009, the Obama administration launched the Open Government Initiative (OGI) to provide a centralized repository for "public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government." (data.gov).

There is no common convention though, national and international, within the US and other governments on defining public access to data collected. The access methods, format, layout, and character sets are just some examples where the methodology differs from one department/agency to another and across organizations within. These differences continue to create a high-cost barrier to those compiling and aggregating high value datasets from multiple sources.

Crowdsourced Catalog of Open Data Portals

Check out our catalog of Government (and related) Open Data Portals around the World. We have over 1400 listed and growing. Do you know of portals not on the list? Send your list to add to portals@opengeocode.org .

Consulting Services

If you are in need of specialized skills in extracting or integrating government datasets, we can assist you. Our services coordinator, Will Mayall at wamayall@yahoo.com, will discuss with you your needs and how we could provide you with the solution you are looking for.



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